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30 March, 2020

日期 國家 名稱
2020-01-01 United States New Year's Day
Australia New Year's Day
Canada New Year's Day
New Zealand New Year's Day
China New Year's Day
Hong Kong New Year's Day
Japan New Year's Day
Russia New Year's Day
France New Year's Day
Germany New Year's Day
United Kingdom New Year's Day
Spain New Year's Day
2020-01-02 Canada Day After New Year’s Day
New Zealand Day after New Year's Day
Japan January 2 Bank Holiday
Russia New Year Holiday Week
United Kingdom 2nd January
Spain Reconquest Day
2020-01-03 Japan January 3 Bank Holiday
Russia New Year Holiday Week
2020-01-04 United States World Braille Day
2020-01-06 United States Epiphany
Australia Epiphany
Canada Epiphany
Russia New Year Holiday Week
Germany Epiphany
United Kingdom Epiphany
Spain Epiphany
2020-01-07 United States International Programmers' Day
Australia Orthodox Christmas Day
Canada Orthodox Christmas Day
Russia Orthodox Christmas Day
United Kingdom Orthodox Christmas Day
2020-01-08 Russia New Year Holiday Week
2020-01-13 United States Stephen Foster Memorial Day
Japan Coming of Age Day
2020-01-14 United States Orthodox New Year
Australia Orthodox New Year
Canada Orthodox New Year
Russia Old New Year
United Kingdom Orthodox New Year
2020-01-17 United States Lee-Jackson Day
2020-01-19 United States Confederate Heroes' Day
China Special Working Day
2020-01-20 United States Civil Rights Day
New Zealand Wellington Anniversary Day
2020-01-22 Germany Franco-German Day
2020-01-24 China Spring Festival Eve
2020-01-25 United States Chinese New Year
Australia Chinese New Year
Canada Chinese New Year
China Chinese New Year
Hong Kong Chinese Lunar New Year's Day
United Kingdom Chinese New Year
2020-01-26 United States World Leprosy Day
Australia Australia Day
China Spring Festival Golden Week holiday
2020-01-27 United States International Day of Commemoration in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust
Australia Australia Day Observed
New Zealand Auckland Anniversary Day
China Spring Festival Golden Week holiday
Hong Kong Third day of Chinese Lunar New Year
Germany Remembrance Day for the Victims of National Socialism
2020-01-28 Australia Chinese New Year Observed
China Spring Festival Golden Week holiday
Hong Kong Fourth day of Chinese Lunar New Year
Germany European Privacy Day
2020-01-29 United States Kansas Day
Australia Chinese New Year (Day 2)
China Spring Festival Golden Week holiday
Spain St. Valero's Feast
2020-01-30 China Spring Festival Golden Week holiday
2020-01-31 China Spring Festival Golden Week Extended Holiday
2020-02-01 United States First Day of Black History Month
China Spring Festival Golden Week Extended Holiday
2020-02-02 United States Super Bowl
Canada Groundhog Day
China Spring Festival Golden Week Extended Holiday
2020-02-03 New Zealand Nelson Anniversary Day
2020-02-04 United States Rosa Parks Day
2020-02-06 United States International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation
New Zealand Waitangi Day
2020-02-07 United States National Wear Red Day
2020-02-08 China Lantern Festival
2020-02-10 United States Tu Bishvat/Tu B'Shevat
Australia Royal Hobart Regatta
Canada Tu B'Shevat (Arbor Day)
Germany Children's Hospice Day
United Kingdom Tu B'Shevat (Arbor Day)
2020-02-11 United States World Day of the Sick
Japan National Foundation Day
2020-02-12 United States Lincoln's Birthday
2020-02-13 United States World Radio Day
2020-02-14 United States Statehood Day
Australia Valentine's Day
Canada Valentine's Day
New Zealand Valentine's Day
Hong Kong Valentine's Day
Japan Valentine's Day
Russia Valentine's Day
Germany Valentine's Day
United Kingdom Valentine's Day
Spain Valentine's Day
2020-02-15 United States Susan B. Anthony's Birthday
Canada National Flag of Canada Day
2020-02-16 United States Elizabeth Peratrovich Day
2020-02-17 United States Daisy Gatson Bates Day
Canada Louis Riel Day
2020-02-20 United States World Day of Social Justice
2020-02-21 United States International Mother Language Day
Canada Yukon Heritage Day
United Kingdom Maha Shivaratri
2020-02-23 Japan Emperor's Birthday
Russia Defender of the Fatherland Day
2020-02-24 China Zhonghe Festival
Japan Emperor's Birthday observed
Russia Defender of the Fatherland Day observed
Germany Shrove Monday
2020-02-25 United States Shrove Tuesday/Mardi Gras
Australia Carnival / Shrove Tuesday
Canada Carnival / Shrove Tuesday
Germany Carnival / Shrove Tuesday
United Kingdom Carnival / Shrove Tuesday
2020-02-26 United States Ash Wednesday
Australia Ash Wednesday
Canada Ash Wednesday
Germany Carnival / Ash Wednesday
United Kingdom Carnival / Ash Wednesday
Spain Ash Wednesday
2020-02-27 Russia Special Operations Forces Day
2020-02-28 United States Linus Pauling Day
Spain Day of Andalucía
2020-02-29 United States Leap Day
2020-03-01 United States St. David's Day
Canada St David's Day
United Kingdom St. David's Day
Spain Day of the Balearic Islands
2020-03-02 United States Read Across America Day
Australia Labour Day
2020-03-03 United States Town Meeting Day
Japan Dolls' Festival/Girls' Festival
2020-03-05 Spain Fifth of March
2020-03-06 United States Employee Appreciation Day
Australia Foundation Day
2020-03-08 United States International Women's Day
China International Women's Day
Russia International Women's Day
Germany International Women's Day
United States Daylight Saving Time starts
Canada Daylight Saving Time starts
2020-03-09 United States Holi
Australia Canberra Day
Canada Commonwealth Day
New Zealand Taranaki Anniversary Day
Russia International Women's Day observed
United Kingdom Holi
2020-03-10 United States Purim
Australia Purim
Canada Purim
United Kingdom Purim
2020-03-12 United States World Kidney Day
China Arbor Day
2020-03-13 United States Friday the 13th
2020-03-16 Australia Labour Day
Canada St. Patrick's Day
2020-03-17 United States Evacuation Day
Australia St Patrick's Day
Canada St. Patrick's Day
Germany St. Patrick's Day
United Kingdom St Patrick's Day
2020-03-19 Australia National Close the Gap Day
Spain San Jose
2020-03-20 United States March Equinox
Canada March Equinox
United States International Day of Happiness
United Kingdom March Equinox
France March Equinox
Germany March Equinox
Spain March Equinox
Russia March Equinox
Japan Spring Equinox
China March Equinox
Hong Kong March Equinox
Japan March Equinox
Australia March Equinox
New Zealand March Equinox
2020-03-21 United States International Day of Forests
Australia Harmony Day
2020-03-22 United States World Water Day
Australia Isra and Mi'raj
Canada Isra and Mi'raj
Russia Isra and Mi'raj
United Kingdom Mothering Sunday
2020-03-23 United States World Meteorological Day
New Zealand Otago Anniversary Day
2020-03-24 United States International Day for the Right to the Truth concerning Gross Human Rights Violations and for the Dignity of Victims
2020-03-25 United States Maryland Day
2020-03-26 United States Prince Jonah Kuhio Kalanianaole Day
Germany Girls' Day - Career Information Day
2020-03-28 United States Earth Hour
2020-03-29 United States National Vietnam War Veterans Day
United Kingdom Daylight Saving Time starts
France Daylight Saving Time starts
Germany Daylight Saving Time starts
Spain Daylight Saving Time starts
2020-03-30 United States Seward's Day
2020-03-31 United States César Chávez Day
2020-04-01 United States April Fool's Day
New Zealand April Fools
2020-04-02 United States Pascua Florida Day
2020-04-04 United States United Nations' Mine Awareness Day
China Qing Ming Jie
Hong Kong Tomb Sweeping Day
2020-04-05 United States Palm Sunday
Australia Palm Sunday
Canada Palm Sunday
China Qing Ming Jie holiday
Germany Palm Sunday
United Kingdom Palm Sunday
Spain Palm Sunday
Australia Daylight Saving Time ends
2020-04-06 United States National Tartan Day
Australia Self Determination Day
Canada National Tartan Day
China Qing Ming Jie holiday
2020-04-07 United States Day of Remembrance of the Victims of the Rwanda Genocide
2020-04-09 United States Passover (first day)
Australia First day of Passover
Canada Vimy Ridge Day
Germany Maundy Thursday
United Kingdom First day of Passover
Spain Maundy Thursday
2020-04-10 United States Good Friday
Australia Good Friday
Canada Good Friday
New Zealand Good Friday
Hong Kong Good Friday
France Good Friday
Germany Good Friday
United Kingdom Good Friday
Spain Good Friday
2020-04-11 United States Holy Saturday
Australia Holy Saturday
Canada Holy Saturday
New Zealand Holy Saturday
Hong Kong Holy Saturday
United Kingdom Holy Saturday
2020-04-12 United States Easter Sunday
Australia Easter Sunday
Canada Easter Sunday
New Zealand Easter Sunday
Hong Kong Easter Sunday
France Easter Sunday
Germany Easter Sunday
United Kingdom Easter Sunday
Spain Easter Sunday
2020-04-13 United States Thomas Jefferson's Birthday
Australia Easter Monday
Canada Easter Monday
New Zealand Easter Monday
Hong Kong Easter Monday
France Easter Monday
Germany Easter Monday
United Kingdom Easter Monday
Spain Easter Monday
2020-04-14 Australia Easter Tuesday
New Zealand Southland Anniversary Day
2020-04-15 United States Father Damien Day
2020-04-16 United States Emancipation Day
Australia Last day of Passover
Canada Last day of Passover
United Kingdom Last day of Passover
2020-04-17 United States Orthodox Good Friday
Australia Orthodox Good Friday
Canada Orthodox Good Friday
United Kingdom Orthodox Good Friday
2020-04-18 United States International Day for Monuments and Sites
Australia Orthodox Holy Saturday
Canada Orthodox Holy Saturday
United Kingdom Orthodox Holy Saturday
2020-04-19 United States Orthodox Easter
Australia Orthodox Easter
Canada Orthodox Easter
Russia Orthodox Easter Day
United Kingdom Orthodox Easter
2020-04-20 United States Boston Marathon
Australia Orthodox Easter Monday
Canada St. George's Day
United Kingdom Orthodox Easter Monday
2020-04-21 United States National Library Workers' Day
Australia Yom HaShoah
Canada Yom HaShoah
United Kingdom Yom HaShoah
2020-04-22 United States Administrative Professionals Day
United Kingdom Stephen Lawrence Day
2020-04-23 United States Take our Daughters and Sons to Work Day
Germany German Beer Day
United Kingdom Shakespeare Day
Spain Castile and León Day
2020-04-24 United States Arbor Day
Australia Ramadan Start
Canada Ramadan Start
Russia Ramadan starts
United Kingdom Ramadan Start
2020-04-25 United States World Malaria Day
Australia ANZAC Day Observed
New Zealand ANZAC Day
2020-04-26 United States Confederate Heroes' Day
China Special Working Day
2020-04-27 United States State Holiday
Australia ANZAC Day Additional Public Holiday
New Zealand ANZAC Day observed
2020-04-28 United States World Day for Safety and Health at Work
2020-04-29 United States Day of Remembrance for all Victims of Chemical Warfare
Australia Yom HaAtzmaut
Canada Yom HaAtzmaut
Japan Shōwa Day
United Kingdom Yom HaAtzmaut
2020-04-30 United States International Jazz Day
Hong Kong Buddha's Birthday
Germany Walpurgis Night
2020-05-01 United States Lei Day
China Labour Day
Hong Kong Labour Day
Russia Spring and Labor Day
France Labor Day / May Day
Germany May Day
Spain Labor Day / May Day
2020-05-02 United States National Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Day
China Labour Day Holiday
Germany German Food Bank Day
Spain Day of Madrid
2020-05-03 United States World Press Freedom Day
China Labour Day Holiday
Japan Constitution Memorial Day
Spain Mothers' Day
2020-05-04 United States Rhode Island Independence Day
Australia May Day
China Youth Day
Japan Greenery Day
2020-05-05 United States Cinco de Mayo
China Labour Day Holiday
Japan Children's Day
Germany Europe Day (Council of Europe)
2020-05-06 United States National Nurses Day
Japan Constitution Memorial Day observed
2020-05-07 United States National Day of Prayer
2020-05-08 United States Military Spouse Appreciation Day
France WWII Victory Day
Germany Anniversary of the End of World War II
United Kingdom Early May Bank Holiday / VE Day
2020-05-09 United States World Migratory Bird Day
China Special Working Day
Russia Victory Day
Germany Europe Day (European Union)
2020-05-10 United States Confederate Memorial Day
Australia Mother's Day
Canada Mother's Day
New Zealand Mother's Day
Hong Kong Mother's Day
Germany Mother's Day
2020-05-11 United States Confederate Memorial Day observed
Russia Victory Day observed
2020-05-12 United States Primary Election Day
Australia Lag B'Omer
Canada Lag B'Omer
United Kingdom Lag B'Omer
2020-05-15 United States National Defense Transportation Day
Spain Feast Day of St Isidore
2020-05-16 United States Preakness Stakes
2020-05-17 United States World Information Society Day
Spain Galicia Literature Day
2020-05-18 Canada National Patriots' Day
2020-05-19 United States Lailat al-Qadr
Australia Laylatul Qadr (Night of Power)
Canada Laylatul Qadr (Night of Power)
Russia Lailat al-Qadr
United Kingdom Laylatul Qadr (Night of Power)
2020-05-20 United States Emergency Medical Services for Children Day
2020-05-21 United States World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development
Australia Ascension Day
Canada Ascension Day
France Ascension Day
Germany Ascension Day
United Kingdom Ascension Day
2020-05-22 United States Harvey Milk Day
2020-05-23 United States International Day to End Obstetric Fistula
Germany Constitution Day
2020-05-24 United States Eid al-Fitr
Australia Hari Raya Puasa
Canada Eid ul Fitr
Russia Eid al-Fitr
United Kingdom Eid ul Fitr
2020-05-25 United States National Missing Children's Day
Australia Day off for Hari Raya Puasa
United Kingdom Spring Bank Holiday
2020-05-26 Australia National Sorry Day
2020-05-29 United States International Day of United Nations Peacekeepers
Australia Shavuot
Canada Shavuot
United Kingdom Shavuot
2020-05-30 Spain Day of the Canary Islands
2020-05-31 United States World No Tobacco Day
Australia Pentecost
Canada Pentecost
France Whit Sunday
Germany Whit Sunday
United Kingdom Pentecost
Spain Whit Sunday/Pentecost
2020-06-01 United States Jefferson Davis' Birthday
Australia Reconciliation Day
Canada Whit Monday
New Zealand Queen's Birthday
China Children's Day
France Whit Monday
Germany International Childrens' Day
United Kingdom Whit Monday
Spain Whit Monday
2020-06-03 United States Jefferson Davis' Birthday
Germany European Bicycle Day
2020-06-04 United States International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression
2020-06-05 United States World Environment Day
2020-06-06 United States Belmont Stakes
Australia Queensland Day
Germany Visually Impaired People Day
2020-06-07 United States Trinity Sunday
Australia Trinity Sunday
Canada Trinity Sunday
France Mother's Day
United Kingdom Trinity Sunday
2020-06-08 United States World Oceans Day
Australia Bounty Day
2020-06-09 Spain Day of La Rioja
2020-06-11 United States Kamehameha Day
Australia Corpus Christi
Canada Corpus Christi
Germany Corpus Christi
United Kingdom Corpus Christi
Spain Corpus Christi
2020-06-12 United States World Day Against Child Labour
Russia Russia Day
2020-06-13 United States International Albinism Awareness Day
United Kingdom Queen's Birthday
Spain San Antonio
2020-06-14 United States Bunker Hill Day
2020-06-15 United States World Elder Abuse Awareness Day
Australia Queen's Birthday
2020-06-16 United States International Day of Family Remittances
2020-06-17 United States World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought
2020-06-19 United States Juneteenth
2020-06-20 United States American Eagle Day
2020-06-21 United States June Solstice
Canada June Solstice
United Kingdom June Solstice
France June Solstice
Germany June Solstice
Spain June Solstice
United States Father's Day
Canada National Indigenous Peoples Day
Hong Kong Father's Day
France Father's Day
Germany Car-free Sunday
United Kingdom Father's Day
Russia June Solstice
China June Solstice
Hong Kong June Solstice
Japan June Solstice
Australia June Solstice
New Zealand June Solstice
2020-06-22 Canada Discovery Day
United Kingdom Windrush Day
2020-06-23 United States International Widows' Day
2020-06-24 Canada St. Jean Baptiste Day
Spain Saint John the Baptist Day
2020-06-25 United States Day of the Seafarer
China Dragon Boat Festival
Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival
2020-06-26 United States International Day in Support of Victims of Torture
China Dragon Boat Festival holiday
2020-06-27 China Dragon Boat Festival holiday
Germany Architecture Day
2020-06-28 China Special Working Day
2020-06-30 United States International Asteroid Day
2020-07-01 Canada Memorial Day
China CPC Founding Day
Hong Kong Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Establishment Day
2020-07-03 United States Independence Day observed
2020-07-04 United States Independence Day
2020-07-05 Australia First Day of NAIDOC Week
2020-07-07 Japan Star Festival
2020-07-09 Canada Nunavut Day
2020-07-11 United States World Population Day
China Maritime Day
2020-07-12 United Kingdom Battle of the Boyne
2020-07-13 United States Nathan Bedford Forrest Day
Canada Orangemen's Day
United Kingdom Battle of the Boyne observed
2020-07-14 United States Bastille Day
France Bastille Day
2020-07-15 United States World Youth Skills Day
2020-07-18 United States Nelson Mandela Day
2020-07-23 Japan Sea Day
2020-07-24 United States Pioneer Day
Japan Sports Day
2020-07-25 Spain Feast of Saint James the Apostle
2020-07-26 United States Parents' Day
2020-07-27 United States National Korean War Veterans Armistice Day
2020-07-28 United States World Hepatitis Day
Spain Day of the Institutions
2020-07-30 United States World Day against Trafficking in Persons
Australia Tisha B'Av
Canada Tisha B'Av
United Kingdom Tisha B'Av
2020-07-31 United States Eid al-Adha
Australia Hari Raya Haji
Canada Eid ul Adha
Russia Eid al-Adha
United Kingdom Eid ul Adha
Spain Eid al-Adha
2020-08-01 United States Colorado Day
China Army Day
2020-08-03 United States Raksha Bandhan
Australia Northern Territory Picnic Day
Canada Natal Day
United Kingdom Summer Bank Holiday
2020-08-04 United States Coast Guard Birthday
2020-08-05 Canada The Royal St John's Regatta (Regatta Day)
Spain The Day of Our Lady of Africa
2020-08-06 Japan Hiroshima Memorial Day
2020-08-07 United States Purple Heart Day
2020-08-08 Germany Peace Festival in Augsburg
2020-08-09 United States International Day of the World's Indigenous People
Japan Nagasaki Memorial Day
Spain The Day of Cantabria
2020-08-10 United States Victory Day
Japan Mountain Day
2020-08-12 United States International Youth Day
Australia Royal National Agricultural Show Day Queensland
United Kingdom Janmashtami
2020-08-15 United States Assumption of Mary
Australia Assumption of Mary
Canada Assumption of Mary
France Assumption of Mary
Germany Assumption of Mary
United Kingdom Assumption of Mary
Spain Assumption of Mary
2020-08-16 United States Bennington Battle Day
2020-08-17 United States Bennington Battle Day observed
Canada Discovery Day
2020-08-19 United States National Aviation Day
2020-08-20 United States Muharram
Australia Muharram/Islamic New Year
Canada Muharram/Islamic New Year
Russia Muharram
United Kingdom Muharram/Islamic New Year
2020-08-21 United States Senior Citizens Day
Canada Gold Cup Parade
2020-08-22 United Kingdom Ganesh Chaturthi
2020-08-23 United States International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition
2020-08-25 China Chinese Valentine's Day
2020-08-26 United States Women's Equality Day
2020-08-27 United States Lyndon Baines Johnson Day
2020-08-29 United States International Day against Nuclear Tests
United Kingdom Ashura
2020-08-30 United States International Day of the Victims of Enforced Disappearances
2020-08-31 United States International Overdose Awareness Day
United Kingdom Summer Bank Holiday
2020-09-01 Russia Day of Knowledge
Germany World Peace Day
2020-09-02 China Spirit Festival
Hong Kong Hungry Ghost Festival
Spain Day of the Independent City of Ceuta
2020-09-04 United States World Sexual Health Day
2020-09-05 United States International Day of Charity
2020-09-06 Australia Father's Day
New Zealand Father's Day
2020-09-07 United States Labor Day
Canada Labour Day
2020-09-08 United States International Literacy Day
Spain Virgin of the Victory
2020-09-09 United States California Admission Day
2020-09-10 United States World Suicide Prevention Day
China Teachers' Day
2020-09-11 United States Patriot Day
Spain Day of Catalonia
2020-09-12 United States Carl Garner Federal Lands Cleanup Day
Germany German Language Day
2020-09-13 United States National Grandparents Day
Germany European Heritage Days
2020-09-15 United States International Day of Democracy
Spain Nuestra Señora de la Bien Aparecida
2020-09-16 United States International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer
2020-09-17 United States Constitution Day and Citizenship Day
Spain Day of Melilla
2020-09-18 United States National POW/MIA Recognition Day
2020-09-19 United States National CleanUp Day
Australia Rosh Hashana
Canada Rosh Hashana
United Kingdom Rosh Hashana
2020-09-20 Germany German World Children's Day
2020-09-21 United States International Day of Peace
Japan Respect for the Aged Day
2020-09-22 United States Emancipation Day
Japan Autumn Equinox
United States September Equinox
Canada September Equinox
United Kingdom September Equinox
France September Equinox
Germany September Equinox
Spain September Equinox
Russia September Equinox
China September Equinox
Hong Kong September Equinox
Japan September Equinox
Australia September Equinox
2020-09-23 United States International Celebrate Bisexuality Day
2020-09-22 New Zealand September Equinox
2020-09-24 United States World Maritime Day
2020-09-25 United States Native American Day
Australia Friday before the AFL Grand Final
2020-09-26 United States International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons
2020-09-27 United States Gold Star Mother's Day
China Special Working Day
2020-09-28 United States Yom Kippur
Australia Queen's Birthday
Canada Yom Kippur
New Zealand South Canterbury Anniversary Day
United Kingdom Yom Kippur
2020-09-29 United States World Heart Day
2020-10-01 United States World Vegetarian Day
China Mid-Autumn Festival
Hong Kong Mid-Autumn Festival
2020-10-02 United States International Day of Non-Violence
China National Day Golden Week holiday
Hong Kong Day after Mid-Autumn Festival
2020-10-03 United States First Day of Sukkot
Australia First day of Sukkot
Canada First day of Sukkot
China National Day Golden Week holiday
Germany Day of German Unity
United Kingdom First day of Sukkot
2020-10-04 United States Feast of St Francis of Assisi
Australia Feast of St Francis of Assisi
Canada Feast of St Francis of Assisi
China National Day Golden Week holiday
Germany Harvest Festival
United Kingdom Feast of St Francis of Assisi
Australia Daylight Saving Time starts
2020-10-05 United States Child Health Day
Australia May Day
China National Day Golden Week holiday
2020-10-06 United States World Cerebral Palsy Day
China National Day Golden Week holiday
2020-10-07 China National Day Golden Week holiday
2020-10-08 United States World Sight Day
China National Day Golden Week holiday
2020-10-09 United States Leif Erikson Day
Australia Hoshana Rabbah
Canada Hoshana Rabbah
United Kingdom Hoshana Rabbah
Spain Day of the Valencian Community
2020-10-10 United States World Mental Health Day
Australia Shemini Atzeret
Canada Shemini Atzeret
China Special Working Day
United Kingdom Shemini Atzeret
2020-10-11 United States International Day of the Girl Child
Australia Simchat Torah
Canada Simchat Torah
Germany Grandparents' Day
United Kingdom Simchat Torah
2020-10-12 United States Indigenous People's Day
Australia Norfolk Island Agricultural Show Day
Canada Thanksgiving Day
Spain Hispanic Day
2020-10-13 United States Navy Birthday
Hong Kong Confucius' Birthday
2020-10-14 United States International Day for Natural Disaster Reduction
2020-10-15 United States White Cane Safety Day
2020-10-16 United States Boss's Day
2020-10-17 United States Sweetest Day
United Kingdom Navaratri
2020-10-18 United States Alaska Day
Canada Healthcare Aide Day
2020-10-19 United States Alaska Day observed
2020-10-20 United States World Statistics Day
2020-10-23 New Zealand Hawke's Bay Anniversary Day
2020-10-24 United States World Development Information Day
Germany Day of the Libraries
2020-10-25 United States Dussehra
China Double Ninth Festival
Hong Kong Chung Yeung Festival
United Kingdom Dussehra
United Kingdom Daylight Saving Time ends
France Daylight Saving Time ends
Germany Daylight Saving Time ends
Spain Daylight Saving Time ends
2020-10-26 New Zealand Labour Day
Hong Kong Day off for Chung Yeung Festival
2020-10-27 United States World Day for Audiovisual Heritage
2020-10-29 United States World Stroke Day
Australia Hari Maulad Nabi
Canada Milad un Nabi (Mawlid)
Russia The Prophet's Birthday
United Kingdom Milad un Nabi (Mawlid)
2020-10-30 United States Nevada Day
Germany World Thrift Day
2020-10-31 United States Halloween
Australia Halloween
Canada Halloween
New Zealand Halloween
Hong Kong Halloween
Germany Halloween
United Kingdom Halloween
2020-11-01 United States New York City Marathon
Australia All Saints' Day
Canada All Saints' Day
France All Saints' Day
Germany All Saints' Day
United Kingdom All Saints' Day
Spain All Saints' Day
United States Daylight Saving Time ends
Canada Daylight Saving Time ends
2020-11-02 United States International Day to End Impunity for Crimes against Journalists
Australia Recreation Day
Canada All Souls' Day
New Zealand Marlborough Anniversary Day
United Kingdom All Souls' Day
Spain All Saints' Day observed
2020-11-03 United States Election Day
Australia Melbourne Cup Day
Japan Culture Day
2020-11-04 Russia Unity Day
2020-11-05 United States Return Day
New Zealand Guy Fawkes Night
United Kingdom Guy Fawkes Day
2020-11-06 United States International Day for Preventing the Exploitation of the Environment in War and Armed Conflict
2020-11-08 China Journalists' Day
United Kingdom Remembrance Sunday
2020-11-09 Germany Fall of the Berlin Wall
2020-11-10 United States Marine Corps Birthday
2020-11-11 United States Veterans Day
Australia Remembrance Day
Canada Remembrance Day
France Armistice Day
Germany St. Martin's Day
2020-11-12 United States World Pneumonia Day
2020-11-13 United States Friday the 13th
New Zealand Canterbury Anniversary Day
2020-11-14 United States Diwali/Deepavali
Australia Diwali/Deepavali
Canada Diwali/Deepavali
New Zealand Diwali/Deepavali
United Kingdom Diwali/Deepavali
2020-11-15 United States World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims
Japan 7-5-3 Day
Germany National Day of Mourning
2020-11-16 United States International Day for Tolerance
2020-11-17 United States World Prematurity Day
2020-11-18 Germany Repentance Day
2020-11-19 United States International Men's Day
2020-11-20 United States Africa Industrialization Day
2020-11-21 United States World Television Day
2020-11-22 Germany Sunday of the Dead
2020-11-23 Japan Labor Thanksgiving Day
2020-11-25 United States International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women
Australia Thanksgiving Day
2020-11-26 United States Thanksgiving Day
2020-11-27 United States American Indian Heritage Day
2020-11-29 United States International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People
Australia First Sunday of Advent
Canada First Sunday of Advent
Germany First Advent Sunday
United Kingdom First Sunday of Advent
2020-11-30 United States Cyber Monday
New Zealand Westland Anniversary Day
United Kingdom St Andrew's Day
2020-12-01 United States Rosa Parks Day
2020-12-02 United States International Day for the Abolition of Slavery
2020-12-03 United States International Day of Persons with Disabilities
Spain Day of Navarre
2020-12-05 United States World Soil Day
2020-12-06 United States St Nicholas Day
Germany Saint Nicholas Day
Spain Constitution Day
2020-12-07 United States Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day
2020-12-08 United States Feast of the Immaculate Conception
Australia Feast of the Immaculate Conception
Canada Feast of the Immaculate Conception
United Kingdom Feast of the Immaculate Conception
Spain Immaculate Conception
2020-12-09 United States World Genocide Commemoration Day
2020-12-10 United States Human Rights Day
2020-12-11 United States International Mountain Day
Australia First Day of Hanukkah
Canada Anniversary of the Statute of Westminster
United Kingdom First Day of Hanukkah
2020-12-12 United States Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe
2020-12-13 United States National Guard Birthday
Germany Third Advent Sunday
2020-12-15 United States Bill of Rights Day
2020-12-17 United States Wright Brothers Day
2020-12-18 United States Arabic Language Day
Australia Last day of Hanukkah
Canada Last day of Hanukkah
United Kingdom Last day of Hanukkah
2020-12-19 Germany Remembrance Day for Roma and Sinti killed by Genocide
2020-12-20 United States International Human Solidarity Day
Germany Fourth Advent Sunday
2020-12-21 United States December Solstice
Canada December Solstice
United Kingdom December Solstice
France December Solstice
Germany December Solstice
Spain December Solstice
Russia December Solstice
China December Solstice
Hong Kong December Solstice
Japan December Solstice
Australia December Solstice
New Zealand December Solstice
2020-12-24 United States Christmas Eve
Australia Christmas Eve
Canada Christmas Eve
New Zealand Christmas Eve
France Christmas Eve
Germany Christmas Eve
United Kingdom Christmas Eve
Spain Christmas Eve
2020-12-25 United States Christmas Day
Australia Christmas Day
Canada Christmas Day
New Zealand Christmas Day
China Christmas Day
Hong Kong Christmas Day
Japan Christmas
France Christmas Day
Germany Christmas Day
United Kingdom Christmas Day
Spain Christmas Day
2020-12-26 United States Day After Christmas Day
Australia Boxing Day
Canada Boxing Day
New Zealand Boxing Day
Hong Kong Boxing Day
France St Stephen's Day
Germany Boxing Day
United Kingdom Boxing Day
Spain St Stephen's Day
2020-12-27 Spain Feast of the Holy Family
2020-12-28 Australia Proclamation Day
New Zealand Boxing Day Observed
United Kingdom Substitute Bank Holiday for Boxing Day
2020-12-31 United States New Year's Eve
Australia New Year's Eve
Canada New Year's Eve
New Zealand New Year's Eve
Hong Kong New Year's Eve
Japan December 31 Bank Holiday
France New Year's Eve
Germany New Year's Eve
United Kingdom New Year's Eve
Spain New Year's Eve


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